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Wall Paint Effects - Stenciling

Wall Paint Effects - Stenciling
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Stenciling is the art of printing designs using stencils on walls, furniture or floors. A combination of one or two different patterns or colours in a light background gives the best results. 


  • Enamel Paint 

  • Stencil brush with a broad flat end.

  • Masking tape

  • Stencils

Stencils are readily available from shops and also can be made from home. They can be made by drawing the design on ordinary paper and tracing on to acetate paper and cutting out the design. Cut out  holes in the design for the paint to seep through and make the pattern on the wall. The stencils made with acetate paper can be wiped clean and reused many times. If the stencil is to be used over a large area cut out several ones at the same time. 

Fix the acetate paper with the design, in place on the wall with masking tape. Apply the enamel paint with the stencil brush, stippling it through the holes in the stencil card. Leave to harden for a few minutes, then release the card and place it in the next position. Continue until the stencil is complete. Allow to dry completely. 

Enamel paint is best for stenciling, as it dries quickly. But on floors or furniture, after the paint is completely dry, use polyurethane varnish, in several coats for protecting the stenciled designs. 


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Rosy , Chennai
May 28, 2010
Your painting was good i like this very much