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Single Thread Wristband

Single Thread Wristband
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There are various ways to make wristbands.

Here's a very simple method of making a single thread wristband.


friendship band
Things you need are :
» Llong yarn or embroidery thread
» Scissors
» Wooden beads one or two

long length of thread

We will start with a simple loop. Take a long length of thread. Leaving one or two inches at the end, fold the thread. Now tie a knot to make a loop at the top as you see here.

another loop

Now we have a loop and two ends of the thread. Take the long end and pull it through the loop to make another loop on top of it.

Repeat the procedure

Repeat the procedure until you reach the desired length.

wooden beads

Leave a few inches at the end. If you like, you can add one or two wooden beads in this free space. Now it is ready to wear on your hand.


Hope you got the simple idea to make a friendship wristband.


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D Ranjitha, Coimbatore
November 5, 2016
Good job thank you i will try...