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Diya Decor

Diya Decor
Contributed by- Sukirdha , Madurai , India
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Add a dash of colour for the festival of lights with this home made Diyas.

Steps to make simple yet beautiful decorative diyas this Diwali with Sukirdha.


Diya Decor
Materials Required :
1. A big round plate in clay - aprox 10 cm radius
2. A small plate - aprox 2 cm radius
3. 5 clay diya
4. Fabric colors -forest green, cherry red
5. 3d liners - golden and orange
6. Fevicol

1. Paint the big plate in green with out any traces

2. Paint the small plate and the diyas in red.

3. Paint the border of the big plate in red for aprox 1.5 cm width

4. Paint the borders of small plate and diyas in green as shown in pik.

5. Now it is time to bring out your creativity. Come on. Decorate the plates and diyas with 3d liners.

6. We can use white stones if needed.

7. Place the small pot at the center and arrange diyas around it.

8. Paste it with glue if you are satisfied with the placements.

Try it...Light it on all auspecious days.. :) 


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Anandh, Chennai
November 21, 2014
Coloring and designing are perfect. Nice work.
Alex, Madurai
May 23, 2014
Excellent color combo..Awesome work..Keep going
Sushma, Bangalore
March 19, 2014
colorful diyas. Nice color combo. Good.