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Thread Painting

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Thread Painting
Things we need for the making are.
materials to make this Thread painting
» Thread
» Different colour paints
» Paper

Fold the paper into two equal halves.

Fold the paper into two equal halves.

long piece of thread

Take a long piece of thread. Dip the first part of the thread in red colour, the second part in blue and end part of it in green colour, as you see here.

place it in any pattern

Now take it out of the paint carefully, and place it on one half of the paper. You can place it in any pattern.

put a book on it

Fold the other half of the paper over it and put a book on it. Now, press the book with hand and pull out the thread with the other hand. Take the thread fully from the paper.

awesome designs

Now, open the paper, you will some awesome designs.

Thread Painting

Use different colours and make more designs. Have fun and develop your imagination.


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Monika, Maharashtra
May 2, 2017
Its a very helpful idea and wonderful painting
Priti, Maharashtra
March 25, 2015
Its very wonderful and helpful site thanx...
Ila Niveditha, Bangalore
February 27, 2015
Very innovative.We can prepare an artistic pattern in seconds.