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Pot Decoration

Pot Decoration
Contributed by- Tejinder , Bathinda , India
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Materials Required :
›› Ceramic powder
›› Earthen pot
›› Fevicol
›› Fevicryl metallic colour
›› Brush
›› Bowl

Procedure :

Mix ceramic powder with fevicol and water untill a mixture with loose consistency is ready. Pat this around the pot giving it a matte finish. Allow it to dry. Then take white M-seal and make flowers or anything you wish.Colour the enbossed flowers with fevicryl colours and you can also use 3-D outliner.Then when the colours are dry apply a coat of clear varnish and let it dry.Your pot is ready.


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Jagjeet, India
July 7, 2015
Wow,,It is lovely pot article.It's designing is really tremendous.Thanks for sharing..
Ipshita Swain, Odisha
March 13, 2015
Awesome designs.and it is very helpful for making pot more beautiful than it was before.... I like it
Sowmiya, Salem
April 5, 2012
ya useful a nice craft to spend the summer holidays thank you
Anindita, chattisgarh
April 23, 2010
Ur pot looks good, but can i make ceramic flowers and leaves instead of m-seal? 2ndly instead of putting pat on the pot can't we left it plain by coloring with any acrylic color/varnish colous?PL.suggest me.