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Candle Holder Making

Candle Holder Making
Contributed by- Sukirdha Selvarathnam , Madurai , India
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Our contributor Sukirdha Selvarathnam makes a simple and useful candle holder as per JayaPrakash from Tirupur.

Sukirdha has an eye for colours. Beautiful !


Cadle Making
Required Items: -
» Mud Pot
» Fabric colors – Yellow, white and black
» Wax tablets
» Candle thread
» Thin and medium sized painting brushes.

1. Clean the mud pots and wet it.

2. Color the pot with a base color – Yellow

3. Draw lines as shown in piks

4. Fill the center empty space with white color

5. Let it dry.

6. Using black, design the pot with warli men.

7. Take a thick thread or candle thread and fix it to the center of the pot.

8. Melt candle wax and pour it into the pot. Add colors to the wax while melting if required.

Try it frnds...its simple...


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Jayaprakash, Tirupur
April 11, 2016
It is very simple & useful. That is good.