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Andhra Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals

Temple Festivals & Fairs

▪ Kotappakonda Temple Fair ▪ Durgamma Festiva
▪ Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam ▪ Maridamma Festival & Fair
▪ Yellaramma Jatara ▪ Marriage of Bhadrakali & Virabhadra
▪ Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam ▪ Other Temple Festivals

Yellaramma Jatara

Yellaramma temple is situated in Madapaka in Tanuku Taluk of West Godavari district.

Yellaramma Jatara is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of chaitra. Yellaramma is companion of Kakatamma, the famous goddess of Kaktiya monarch.  She has four hands, holding a damaruka and a sword in the two right hands and a trident and a drinking vessel in the two left hands. Below the feet of the deity is the image of an animal identified as a fox by some and a bandicoot by others.  Goddess yellamma (Yellaramma) is worshipped all over Andhra.  The garaga procession of this place is very famous and a fair is also organised. 

Other temples in the Madapaka like Someswaraswami, Kesavaswami and Srirama Ganapati also celebrate Kalyanotsavams. Someswaraswami Kalyanotswavam is celebrated for five days in the month of Magha.  Kesavaswami Kalyanotsavam is celebrated for seven days in the month of phalguna.