Sunday, April 14, 2024

Andhra Pradesh

Chief Minister
Name: Sri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu
Department: Chief Minister,General Administration Department, Law & Justice, Energy, Infrastructure, Investment, Industries & Commerce, Public Enterprises, Cinematography, Tourism & All other Portfolios not allocated.
Address: Hyderabad
Phone: -
Council of Ministers
Name: Sri Prathipati Pulla Rao
Department: Agriculture, Agri-Processing, Marketing & warehousing, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries
Address: Room no: 811, J-Block
Phone: 040-23453425, 23457113, Ext:2552
Name: Sri Kollu ravindra
Department: BC Welfare & Empowerment, Handlooms & Excise
Address: Room No.805, J-Block
Phone: 040-23450515, 23453209, Ext:2490
Name: Sri Pydikondala Manikyala Rao
Department: Endowments
Address: Room no: 810, J-Block
Phone: 040-23450362, 23451064 Ext:2399
Name: Sri B.Gopala Krishna Reddy
Department: Environment & Forests, Science & Technology, Cooperation
Address: Room no:403, J-Block
Phone: 040-23450633, Ext:2400
Name: Sri Yanamala Ramakrishnudu
Department: Finance & Planning, Commercial Taxes, Legislative Affairs
Address: Room No.301, South-H Block , Hyderabad
Phone: 040-23453208, 23457367 Ext: 2836
Name: Sri Kamineni Srinivas
Department: Health and Medical Education
Address: Room no: 301, J-Block
Phone: 040-23455976, 23451135, Ext:2341
Name: Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao
Department: Human Resources Development (Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher & Technical Education)
Address: Room No.310, South-H Block
Phone: 040-23450188, 23221175 Ext:2837
Name: Sri Palle Raghunatha Reddy
Department: Information & Public Relations, Information Technology & Communications, Non-Resident Indian empowerment & Relations, Telugu Language & Culture, Minority Welfare & Empowerment
Address: Room No.315, South-H Block
Phone: 040-23450371, 23450348, Ext:2571
Name: Sri Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao
Department: Irrigation, Command Area Development & Water Resources Management
Address: Room No.801, J-Block
Phone: 040-23457687, 23453900, Ext:2386
Name: Sri Atchannaidu Kinjarapu
Department: Labour & Employment, Factories, Youth & Sports, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Address: Room No.501, J-Block
Phone: 040-23454168, 23450541, 23450899, Ext:2435
Name: Dr. P.Narayana
Department: Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Urban Water Supply and Urban Planning
Address: Room no:205, L- Block
Phone: 040-23450855, 23453230, Ext:2744
Name: Sri CH.Ayyannapatrudu
Department: Panchayat Raj, Rural Water Supply, NREGS
Address: Room No.217, South-H Block
Phone: 040-23450451, 23456299, Ext:2381
Name: Smt.Paritala Sunithamma
Department: Price Monitoring, Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies
Address: Room No.704, J-Block
Phone: 040-23451196, 23221425, Ext:2485
Name: Smt. Kimidi Mrunalini
Department: Rural Development, Housing, Sanitation
Address: Room no: 207, South H Block
Phone: 040-23450347, 23450723, Ext:2419
Name: Sri Ravela Kishore Babu
Department: Social Welfare & Empowerment, Tribal Welfare & Empowerment
Address: Room no: 307 & 308, South H-Block
Phone: 040-23450275, 23221352, Ext:2722
Name: Smt. Peethala Sujatha
Department: Women Empowerment, Child Welfare and Disabled & Senior Citizens Welfare, Mines & Geology
Address: Room No.601, J-Block
Phone: 040-23450579, 23454667, Ext:2579
Deputy Chief Minister
Name: Sri N.Chinarajappa
Department: Deputy Chief Minister,Home, Disaster Management
Address: Room No.201, South-H Block , Hyderabad
Phone: 040- 23455998, 23450878
Name: Sri K.E.Krishna Murthy
Department: Deputy Chief Minister,Revenue, Stamps & Registration
Address: Room No.201, 204 J-Block, Hyderabad
Phone: 040- 23454715, 23451488 Ext:2566
Name: Shri E. S. L. Narasimhan
Department: -
Address: Raj Bhawan, Raj Bhawan Road, Hyderabad-500041
Phone: 040-23310521