Friday, June 9, 2023
Andhra Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals

Temple Festivals & Fairs

▪ Kotappakonda Temple Fair ▪ Durgamma Festiva
▪ Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam ▪ Maridamma Festival & Fair
▪ Yellaramma Jatara ▪ Marriage of Bhadrakali & Virabhadra
▪ Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam ▪ Other Temple Festivals

Maridamma Festival & Fair

Maridamma temple is located in Peddapuram taluk in East Godavari district. Maridamma festival is celebrated  for thirty-one days from the Amavasya in the month of Jyeshtha to the Amavasya in the month of Ashadha.  Thousands congregate with dances like kolatoms and display physical feats and skills with sticks.  They also revel in music, dance drumming, garaga dances, processions and other communal

activities. A wide variety of house hold articles are sold in the fair held during the festival.  Cycle races, cattle shows, parrot circuses and agricultural exhibitions are also held here.  'Kumbham' is carried in decorated vessels, kept in open carts. Sometimes men and women dressed to resemble those personages stand on the carts.  These carts are taken in procession to the temple to the accompaniment of music and dance and offered to the God, then food is distributed as 'prasadam'.