Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh is said to have been the home of the Pre- Dravidian inhabitants. Andhra region witnessed the rule of Chandragupta Maurya during which it established itself as an independent kingdom.

After Ashoka, the Mauryan empire declined giving opportunity to establish smaller kingdoms. In about the third century BC the Satavahanas ruled for about five centuries. The Satavahanas established a strong rule with their territories extending upto Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The Satavahanas were overpowered by the Ikshvakus by the third century AD. During this period Brahmanism is said to have been revived. This reduced the influence of the Buddhist which was fostered by the Satavahanas.     

 By the end of the third century AD the Pallavas of Kanchi put an end to the rule of the Ikshavakus. Art and Architecture advanced during their rule. By 4th century AD the Anandas established their rule which lasted till 6th century. During the 7th century the Eastern Chalukyas exercised  their power for about four centuries. Literature was advanced during this period with promotion of the Telegu script. The Kakatiyas who were the feudatories of the Eastern Chalukyas became independent in about the 12th century. During the rule of Delhi Sultanate, Muslims repeatedly attempted intrution into Andhra. In 1332 AD Ulugh Khan established themselves. The Reddi Kingdom of Kondavidu; the Velama kingdom, the Vijayanagar Kingdom also ruled independently . The rule of Muhammad Tughlag witnessed the rise of the independent Muslim Power at Bijapur. This was under the Bahamani Sultanate.  In 1518 the Sultan Qili Qutub Shah declared himself independent and founded the Qutub Shah dynasty which existed till 1687. During this period literature, art and architect are advanced. The city of Hyderabad was laid in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The Mughals put an end to the Qutub Shahi rule in 1687. After this the Asafjahis called Nizams emerged. They influenced Andhra Pradesh till the 18th century till  Andhra Pradesh was ceded to the East India Company. Gradually the whole of Andhra Pradesh except Hyderabad was under the British till 1947. In 1956 Andhra Pradesh was declared as a state.