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Fairs and Festivals

Temple Festivals & Fairs

▪ Kotappakonda Temple Fair ▪ Durgamma Festiva
▪ Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam ▪ Maridamma Festival & Fair
▪ Yellaramma Jatara ▪ Marriage of Bhadrakali & Virabhadra
▪ Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam ▪ Other Temple Festivals

Other Temple Festivals

Nizamabad, the district headquarters of Nizamabad is another historical place.  Bada Rama Mandir, Dalta Mandir temples of Hanuman, Raghunathaswami, Nilakantheswaraswami and Venkateswara are the places of worship.  In Bada Rama Mandir, Sri Rama Navami festival is celebrated from ten days and Dalta jayanti is celebrated in Dalta Mandir for nine days in the month of Margasera. 

Bhajans, Harikathas and free feeding are the order of the day.  The Nilkantheswara temple is located on a picturesque hillock and is enclosed by a high wall.  The significance of the temple is that the rays of the rising sun fall directly on Shiva lingam. Nilakantheswara festival is celebrated for two days during Ratha Saptami in the month of Magha and more than thirty thousand devotees congregate.  The Jhanda festival or Venkateswara swami mela is celebrated for fifteen days in the month of Bhadrapada.  A flag is installed in a particular place and pilgrims throng to see it.  It is carried to Tirupati far away in Chittor district and brought back every year. Some devotees redeem their vow here, if they are unable to go Tirupati. Offerings are made in the form of cash as well as in kind.

Bejjanki in the Karimmagar taluk of Karimmagar district has the Lakshminarasimha Swami temple, on a near by hillock.  The annual celebrations of Lakshminarasimha Swami and the Andal Kalyanam and Ratholsavam are held here for twelve days in the month of Chaitra according to the  agama Sastra. Bandlaseva is  the worship of carts. The carts are washed and cleaned and all the parts are painted red and white.  Festoons of green mango leaves and  coloured paper are tied to them.  Bullocks are also washed and decorated with various colour designs.  The carts are driven as a part of a competition.  The loud music of drums and coaxing and goading of the bullocks into a faster pace are infectious and exciting.  At three in the morning the cart festival is celebrated.  Devotees fulfill their vows by lighting the path with torches, while the idol for procession is brought down from hill top to be placed on the cart.  About twenty - five thousand devotees congregate during this festival and a fair is held in an area of over thirteen acres.

Uravakonda, the taluk headquarters in Anantapur district has Siddheswara, Malleswara Subbaraya and Pundurangaswami temples.  The Siddheswara temple is located within the spacious high-walled compound of Gavimutt which was established by Karibasavaswami, the disciple of  Vairagya, Chennabasavaswami, a great Saiva saint preaching the Basava cult.  These saints are known for their austere life and service to humanity.  The samadhi of Karibasavaswami which is near the yogamantapa has been a place of worship for the last two centuries.  The chariot festival is celebrated for the eight days in the month of phalguna.  Forty to fifty thousand devotees from different states attend this festival.  A fair is held during these eight days in the open grounds in front of the temple.  Feeding of poor is also organised.

Alampuram, the taluk headquarters in Mahboob Nagar district, it is on the bank of the river Tungabhadra and it is a sacred place.  Alampuram is reputed for 'Koti lingas'.  The place is known as Brahmeswaram.  The Brahmeswaram is the only place where an image of Brahma with four head is worshipped.  This is also called Parasurama Kshetram as sage Parasurama is said to have lived here with his parents - Jamadagmi and Renuka.  It is here that dutiful Parasurama carried out the orders of his father and cut off his mother's head. The head of Renuka is worshipped as Ellamma throughout Andhra and her trunk that remained there is worshipped as Bhudevi or mother of earth.  The beautifully sculptured stone torso of Renuka, is housed in a mantapa near Bala Brahmeswara.  Married couples who have no children offer butter to the trunk idol and take it back as sacred prasadam.  There are nine Brahmeswara temples built in the northern style inside the fort area of Alampuram.  They are Balabrahma, Kumarabrahma, Arkabrahma, Virabrahma, Viswabrahma, Tarakabrhma, Garuda brahma, Swargabrahma and Padmabrahma temples.  The Balabrahma Shivalingam is said to be 'Swayambhu' self born.  All the water that is poured on Balabrahmeswaralingam, during Abhisheka, sinks just round the lingam without a drop flowing outside.  Other temples venerate Dumthi, Ganapathi, Daltatroya, Narasimhaswami, Anjaneyaswami, Suryanarayama-venkateswara, and Krishna.