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Andhra Pradesh

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Temple Festivals & Fairs

▪ Kotappakonda Temple Fair ▪ Durgamma Festiva
▪ Jaladurga Kalyanotsavam ▪ Maridamma Festival & Fair
▪ Yellaramma Jatara ▪ Marriage of Bhadrakali & Virabhadra
▪ Sambhulingeswara Kalyanotsavam ▪ Other Temple Festivals

 Marriage of Bhadrakali and Virabhadra 

Tegada in Nagur, independent sub-taluk of Khannan district, has Bhadrakali and Virabhadraswami temple as a
place of worship. The marriage of Bhadrakali and Virabhadra is celebrated for two days on the 13th and 14th days of the dark fortnight in the month of Magha. On the morning of Trayodasi Lord Virabhadraswami is taken to the river Godavari, which is about three kilometers from this place to the accompaniment of music and Abhishekam is performed with the holy waters and the idol is brought back to the temple. Then 'sunku' is measured before the Lord. Sunku is explained as follows.

Some rice is measured before the image of the Lord with a new earthen pitcher and poured into a new pot, then it is covered with an earthen plate and is wrapped in a new cloth.  The seal of the Lord is affixed on the knot of the cloth and the pot is kept to the left of the pedestal of the image.  Before the procession of the Lord starts in the night, the pot is opened and the same person measures that rice again with the same pitcher, more rice is found, than what was measured into the pot in the morning.  If it is found that the quantity of the rice in the pot has increased, the festival is celebrated considering it as a good omen.  There is a procession throughout the night. During the procession some devotees pierce their tongues or cheeks with marasalu, coconuts, jaggery, fruits and pumpkins are offered.  Some devotees bathe in Godavari and observe fasting and jagaranam.  Some devotees do fire- walking also.