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Basket ball Scoring
Scoring in a Basketball Game

A game shall be decided by scoring of the greater number of points during the playing time. A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above and remain in or passes through. A goal from the field counts 2 points unless attempted from the three point field goal area when it counts 3 points, a goal from a free throw counts 1 point. A goal from the field counts for the team attacking the basket into which the ball is thrown.

If a score is a tie at the expiration of the second half, play shall be continued for an extra period of 5 minutes or as many such periods of 5 minutes as may be necessary to break the tie. Before the first extra period the team shall toss for baskets and shall change baskets at the beginning of each additional extra period. At the beginning of each extra period, the ball shall be put in play at the center circle.

The game shall terminate at the sounding of the timekeeper's signal indicating the end of playing time. When a foul is committed simultaneously with or just previous to the timekeeper's signal ending a half or an extra period, any eventual free throw or throws, as a result of the foul be taken.