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Basket ball Game

Basket ball
Basket ball Game

Each team shall consist of not more than eleven players, one of whom shall be the captain. Five players from each team shall be on the court during playing time and may be substituted within the provisions. The game shall consist of two halves of 20 minutes each, with normally an interval of 10 minutes between each halves. The game shall be started by a jump ball in the center circle. The referee shall make the toss between any two opponents. The visiting team shall have choice of baskets in the first half; on neutral courts, team shall toss for baskets. For the second half, the teams shall change baskets. The game cannot begin if one of the teams is not on the court with five players.

The captain shall be the representative of his team and shall control its play. Before leaving the playing court for any valid reason, he shall inform the referee regarding the player who will replace him.

The officials shall be a referee and an umpire, who shall be assisted by a timekeeper, a scorer and a 30 seconds operator.

Interfere with ball in offence

An offence player may not touch the ball when it is in its downward flight above the level of the ring and is directly above the restricted area. This restriction applies only until the ball touches the ring. An offensive player shall not touch his opponent's basket or backboard while the ball is on the ring during a shot for goal.

Interfere with ball in defense

A defensive player shall not touch the ball after it has started its downward flight during an opponent's shot for goal and while the ball is above the level of the ring. The ball becomes dead when violation occurs.

Throw in from out of bounds

The players who is to throw the ball in from out of bounds shall stand out of bounds at the side line at a spot nearest the point where the ball left the court or the violation or foul was committed.

Whenever the ball is awarded to a team for a throw in from out of bounds at the side line in its back court, the official, if there is confusion as to the decision, shall hand the ball to the thrower in at the side line closest to the violation.


Foul in Basket ball
Gerald Henderson, commits elbowing and is fouled by Boston Celtics

A foul is an infraction of the Rules involving personal contact with an opponent or un-sportsmanlike behaviour charged against the offender and consequently penalized according to the provisions of the relevant article of the rules. When a personal foul is called, a free throw penalty is awarded, the player upon whom the foul was committed shall be designated by the official to attempt the free throws. When a technical foul is called, the free throws may be attempted by any player of the opposing team.

A violation is an infraction of the rules the penalty for which is the loss of the ball by the violating team. When a violation is called the ball becomes dead. The ball is awarded to a nearby opponents for a throw in from the side line at the point nearest that where the violation occurred. If the ball goes into a basket during the dead ball which follows such a violation, no point can be scored.