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Field and Equipments

basketball Court
basketball Court


The playing court shall be a rectangular hard surface free from obstructions and shall have dimensions of 26m in length by 14m in width, measured from the inside edge of the boundary line. The playing court shall be marked by well defined lines, which shall be at every point at least 12m from any obstruction. The lines of the long sides of the court shall be termed the Side lines and those of the short sides are called End lines. The distance between these lines and the spectators should be at least 2m.

There is a circle at the center of the court which have a radius of 1.80m. The radius shall be measured to the outer edge of the circumference. A center line shall be drawn parallel to the end lines, from the mid points of the side lines and shall extend 15cm beyond each side line. A team's Front court is, that part of the court between the end line behind the opponent's basket and the nearer edge of the center line. The other part of the court, including the center line, is the team's Back court. A Free throw line shall be drawn parallel to each line. It shall have its further edge 5.80m from the inner edge of the end line and is 3.60m long and its mid point shall lie on the line joining the mid points of the two end lines. 

Three Point Field Goal Area is marked on the court limited by the lines forming two arcs. Each constructed with a semi circle with a radius of 6.25m to the outer edge, taking as its center, the point on the floor directly perpendicular to the exact center of the basket and continuing parallel to the side lines terminating at the end lines. The distance from the inside edge of the mid-point of the end line to the center point from which the arc is constructed is 1.575m.

The restricted areas shall be spaces marked in the court which are limited by the end lines, the free throw lines and by lines which originate at the end lines, their outer edges being 3m from the mid points of the end lines and terminate at the ends of the free throw lines. The free throw lanes are the restricted areas extended in the playing court by semi circles with the radius of 1.80m, their centers at the mid points of the free throw lines. Similar semi circles shall be drawn with a broken line within the restricted areas. Spaces along the free throw lines to be used by players during free throws. The first space shall be situated 1.80m from the inside edge of the end line, measured along the line at the side of the free throw line and shall be 85cm in width.



basketball backboard
basketball backboard

Each of the two backboards shall be made of hard wood, 3cm thick or of a suitable transparent material and their dimensions shall be 1.80m horizontally and 1.20m vertically. Borders of the backboards shall be marked with a line 5cm wide. These lines shall be of a colour contrasting with the back ground. The backboards shall be rigidly mounted in a position at each end of the court at right angles to the floor, parallel to the end lines and with their lower edges 2.75m above the floor. Their centers shall lie in the perpendiculars erected at the points in the court 1.20m from the mid points of the end lines.


The basket used in basketball shall comprise the rings and the nets. The rings shall be constructed of solid iron of 0.45m inside diameter. The diameter of the metal of the rings shall be between 0.17m and 0.20m. The basket should be rigidly attached to the backboards and lie in a horizontal plane 3.05m above the floor. The nets of the white cord shall be suspended from the rings and made in such a way so that they check the ball momentarily as it passes through the basket. The length of the net is 0.40m.



The ball used for playing shall be spherical and made of a rubber bladder covered with leather, rubber or synthetic material. The circumference of the ball shall be between 75cms to 78cm and the weight shall be between 600g to 650g.