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Basket ball
Basket ball Game

The ball goes into play when the official enters the circle to administer a jump ball or the official enters the free throw line to administer a free throw and when in an out-of-bounds situation the ball is at the disposal of the player who is at the point of the throw in.

Jump Ball

A jump ball takes place when the official tosses the ball between two opposing players. At that time the two jumpers shall stand with their feet inside the half of the circle which is nearer to their own baskets, with one foot near the center of the line that is between them. An official shall then toss the ball upward (vertically) in a plane at right angles to the side lines between the jumpers, to a height greater than either of them can reach by jumping and so that it will drop between them. The ball must be tapped by one or both of the jumpers after it reaches its highest point. If it touches the floor without being tapped by at least one of the jumpers, the official shall put the ball in play again in the same place. When a jump ball takes place the eight non-jumpers shall remain outside the circle until the ball has been tapped. 

The ball becomes alive after having reached its highest point in a jump ball it is tapped by the first player or the official places it at the disposal of free thrower or on a throw-in from out-of-bounds it touches a player in the court.


dribbling Basket ball

A dribble is made when a player, having gained control of the ball, gives movement to it by throwing, tapping or rolling it . The player cannot move unless he bounces or dribbles the ball. Once a player touches the ball with both the hands he is not permitted to dribble again.


To hold the ball in one or both hands and then project it through the air towards the basket.


To force or attempt to force the ball downward into the basket.


To strike the ball with a hand or hands towards the basket.

Free Throws

A free throw is an opportunity given to a player to score one point from an unhindered shot for goal from a position directly behind the free throw lines.

Held ball

A held ball shall be declared when two or more players of opposing teams have one or both hands firmly on the ball. Officials should not declare held ball too quickly, thereby interrupting the continuity of the game and unjustly taking the ball from the player who gained or is about to gain possession. When held ball is called, the ball shall be tossed up between the two contending players at the nearest circle. If there are more than two players involved, the ball shall be tossed up between two contending players of approximately same height. 

Dead Ball

The ball becomes dead when 

  • any goal is made 

  • any violation occurs

  • a foul occurs while the ball is alive or in play

  • held ball occurs or ball lodges on the basket support

  • it is apparent that the ball will not go into the basket; on a free throw for a technical foul by coach, assistant coach or team follower 

  • official's whistle is blown while the ball is alive or in play

  • the 30 seconds operator's signal is sounded while the ball is alive

  • time expires for a half or extra period