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The People

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Naga Tribes

The Naga society is matrilineal. A family is the true social unit. The married  son lives separately  and establishers his own  house with his wife and unmarried children. The married daughters are not sent to the house where they are married. Eldest member in the house performs  the religious rites  to the domestic  gods. They observe exogamy within the tribal clans and endogamy in the Naga group. In every Tankhul village there are two village seniors, Khullakpa and the Luplakpa.
They maintain administration . The authority is of religious origin. There are separate clubs  for women and girls. The unmarried women sleep in women's club  and the unmarried boys sleep in men's club. The women are not allowed to visit boy's clubs. The patrileneal  society  has got male predominance  in domestic affairs. The unmarried girl is not allowed to eat flesh of male animals. The food  taboo is also imposed on her while she attains  puberty. Men use nicotine but women  are not allowed. The male element is permanent  and a woman after marriage is considered ex-hypothetic.

The society considers that each boy and girl has a social responsibility on attaining certain age. For girls it is fourteen years. Physical  maturity  is thus considered an important requirement to make them socially responsible and at  attaining  the proper age they are married. Naga society feels that marriage is a bond  and it is an obligation which has to be performed in the right way. They believe that marriage confers one woman the right to enter the clan of her husband. The female club called Morung Ghar is visited by the young boys at night are not common now but boys and girls  get chance to meet one another on occasions like festivals, ceremonies etc. Exogamy is observed by all groups. Those who break the rule are  punished .The bride price varies according to the status  of the husband, the girl's clan and the village. There is no restriction  on remarriage of widows may marry the deceased husband's brother but it is not a rule. Divorce is not common. Polyandry is no custom. The eldest son inherit double the share of the father's immovable property and equal share of movable property. Women do not share the immovable property. Murder in a clan is rare, though a clan feud may some times result in murder. Disputes are settled by the elders in the village. Self-ordeals  like plunging  into the water pool and staying  longest there, Oath taking by touching  tiger's teeth on Dao and some verbal oaths are common. Chirus swear by  the  sun. In marings oath is taken near the circle  of stones collected in the village. Head-hunting  was very distinctively prevalent in Nagas. In many  houses the collection of skulls of the victims displayed as trophies of powers can be seen. Now this custom is not practiced by any group of Naga tribes. They earn their living by hunting and fishing.

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