Sunday, April 2, 2023


Industrial Progress  

Manipur has made some progress in the setting up of small scale industrial units of which some 7700 have been set up. A joint sector plant to manufacture drugs and pharmaceuticals has been commissioned and electronic goods, Steel fabrication articles and plastic goods are being produced in the state. A cement plant has also come up in Manipur. Among other industries a spinning mill, a ghee manufacturing unit and similar factories to make other consumer products have been commissioned up to 2000AD and a profile of a number of industries which could be set up in the state has been prepared.

Training facilities have also been created to enable the young men and woman to acquire technological capability and provide industries with ready made trained man power. A centre for  electronic design and technology and the central institute of plastic Engineering and Technology have been set up at Imphal. A factory is already making colour and black and white, TV sets.