Monday, July 13, 2020

The People

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Religion and Culture

In the initial stages the aboriginal tribal society followed the animistic way of religious life. Animism made religion of all mysteries and started worshipping the unknown spirit. Any thing which threatened them and caused death was most powerful for them.
They believed that the spirit is the root cause behind death. This belief led them to propitiate the spirit. Later it became the ritual. They also believed that the animals they take as food can be offered to please the spirit so that they themselves are not harmed. Thus started the concept of animal sacrifice. They smeared the objects of their faith with blood as they felt blood was something important for life. Mysteries confused their minds. Superstitions became part and parcel of their faith. They followed curious customs for social life and also followed strongly the cult of the dead. 

The Nagas worship a strange shaped stone. It is on a hill top and is called Lai-Pham. Heaps of rice, leaves, flowers and tobacco offerings are seen in front of the stone. Maram Nagas believe in Rain deity. Quireng Nagas believe that Kampinu deity established hills for them. The Kabuis believe in one supreme deity but they say that the man was created by Dumpa-poee deity on the direction of the supreme deity. Mao Nags believe that earthquakes is caused by Pekujike deity. They translate dreams in different meanings.