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Sun Temple at Modhera

Sun Temple Modhera

The sun temple at Modhera in Mehsana  districts, in north Gujarat, built during the reign of the Solanki king Bhimdev I near a village of the same name, represents one of the most magnificent monuments of Gujarat. The temple, though in ruins, is still in its extant form an imposing structure and is counted among the best specimens of Indian art and architecture. The niches in the inner sides of the surroundings wall contain twelve images of the Sun-god, fashioned in the Iranian style, characterised by their lofty boots reaching up to the knees. The shrine faces due east to allow the rays of the rising sun at equinoxes to the seat of the deity.

The temple complex consists of a Prasad, a Sabha Mandap and a Kund. The image of the presiding deity is missing. The underground cell in the sanctum is supposed to have contained an additional image.