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Area    : 196,
Capital : Gandhinagar
Districts         : 25
Language : Gujarati
Population : 60,439,692 (2011 census)
Literacy : 78.03 % (2011 census)
State Bird : Greater flamingo
State Animal : Asiatic lion
State Flower : Marigold
State Tree : Banyan
Gujarat map
Gujarat, one of the most industrialized states in India is situated on the west coast of India between 20o-6' N to 24o-42' N north latitude and 68o-10'E to 74o-28'E east longitude. It came into existence as a separate State on 1st May 1960. Gujarat is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the West, by the States of Rajasthan in the North and Northeast, by Madhya Pradesh in the East and by Maharashtra in the South and South East. The State has an international border and has a common frontier with the Pakistan at the northwestern fringe. Ganghinagar, located near Ahmedabad is its capital. At present, Gujarat comprises of 25 districts. The official and primary language spoken is more
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Fairs & Festivals
Fairs & Festivals
Colourful Gujarat

Gujarat can be termed as the land of fairs and Festivals. Thousands of small and big fairs, and festivals are celebrated in different parts of Gujarat every year. The festivals are based on the lunar or solar calendar.

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Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism

Gujarat, the ‘Jewel of the West,’ is a tourist destination that offers something for every visitor. A journey through Gujarat unfolds a religious, cultural and historical panorama...

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Arts of Gujarat
Arts of Gujarat

Gujarat has a unique distinction of having a legendary origin of her folk dance forms. The most popular and known folk dances of Gujarat are Garba, Garbi, Rasaka, Tippani, Padhar-Nritya, Dangi-Nritya etc. .More..


Raga, form of dance which is performed all over Gujarat.


In the field of music, Gujarat  has made its own contribution.kkk


Gujarat has a very rich heritage of  art crafts

About Gujarat
About Gujarat

The state of Gujarat occupies the northern extremity of the western sea-board of India It has the longest coast line 1290km among Indian states

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