Monday, February 26, 2024

Fairs and Festivals of Gujarat


Festivals in Gujarat symbolise people's cultural, social and religious aspirations. They help people to live a fuller and better life, remove monotony and provide healthy recreation. They promote unity, fellow-feeling, self-discipline and austerity. 

Navarathri is the most colourful festival of Gujarat. The entire period between June and October, when most of the countryside is engaged in agriculture,
the festivals celebrated are mostly days of austerity, penance and fasting. The period includes the Gauri Puja, the Janmashtami, the Nag Panchami the Paryushan and the Ganesha Chaturthi. Many of Gujarat's  festivals are mostly celebrated  by women. Gauri puja is observed by young, unmarried girls, who fast and pray for getting 'suitable husbands'. The Savitri Vrata is observed by  married women. They worship the banyan tree and offer thanks for their happy married life. Gujarat also celebrates festivals like Ramnavami,  Sivaratri and Mahavir Jayanyti. 

Muslims in Gujarat celebrate their festivals, such as the Moharrum, the prophet's day and the Id days. Similarly Parsis celebrate their new year day Pateti. Christmas, New  year and Easter are observed by the Christians.