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Islands and Shoreline

The islands are largely low leveled flat-topped and generally rise to a height of a few metres above sea.

Occasionally old dunes on the sides of the lagoons and storm beaches on the seaward side of the islands consist of a sandy beach at places, beach rock is exposed at low tide mark. The eastern shore in all the islands (except Kadmat, Agatti, Bangaram and Cheriyakara) is marked by storm beaches, of coral pebbles and boulders piled up well above the high tide mark by the storms from the east. The islands in the centre of the lagoon i.e., Bangaram and Cheriyakara and others have sandy bank on all sides. 

CoralsThe islands are described as Coral Paradise because of scenic beauty. These present a breath-taking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs encircling a placid and tranquil lagoon and palm covered tiny islands. These islands not only have their wealth of natural beauty but also present spectacular variety of animal and bird life Lakshadweep is India's only Coral Paradise.

The Lakshadweep group of islands lie on the northern edge of the 2500Kms long North-South aligned submarine Lakshadweep Chagos ridge. The ridge is separated from the Malabar shelf by the Lakshadweep Sea and merges with the shelf between latitude 11 to 14. The ridge rises from a depth of 2000 to 2700 metres in the Lakshadweep Sea and about 4000mts in the Arabian Sea. The eastern side of this ridge appear to be steeper than the western. The ridge has a number of gaps, the main being the Nine Degree Channel which separates the atoll of Minicoy from the northern group of islands. On this extensive ridge a large number of atolls and some large banks are situated.

All the islands are covered with white sand. A few metres under the sand on all the islands; excepting Minicoy and Kalpeni, lies a horizontal bed of coral lime-stone. The limestone is used for the construction of buildings. Plentiful supply of potable water is available in this limestone layer. Fresh water can be obtained by bore well through the limestone subtraction at an average depth of two to three metres. 

This archipelago consists of 12 atolls, three reefs and five submerged banks. Of its 36 islands covering an area of 32Sq.Km only 10 are inhabited. They are Adroit, Amini, Agatti, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti (Headquarters), Kiltan and Minicoy.

1. Viringili Utturubilla
2. Cherium  
3. Kodithala  
4. Tilakkam (i) Titakkam (ii)  & (iii)
5. Pitti (i) Pitti (ii) & (iii)
6. Bangaram  
8. Parli (i) Parli (ii) & (iii)
9. Kalpitti  
10.Suheli Valiyakara Indira Dweep
11.Suheli Cheriyakara Shastri Dweep
12.Pitty (Bird Island) 



Gandhi Dweep

Nehru Dweep