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Kalpeni is situated at 10o05' north latitude and 73o39' east longitude. Kalpeni lies 76kms south of Andrott. It is 183kms from Minicoy. The island along with the satellite islets of Cheriyam, Tilakkam and Pitti lie in an extensive and shallow lagoon. The action of the sea has split the islets of Tilakkam and Pitti into several islets. From the main island of Kalpeni, storm of 1847 separated Cheriyam. A sea bank of coral stones are formed along the east and south-east shore of about 3.6 metres high and more than 17.5 metres wide at the base. It provides a natural barrier against such a disaster. A reef is formed between Cheriyam and Kalpeni in low water.

Tourists Attractions Kalpeni :

Kalpeni has three uninhabited, satellite islands, all surrounded by an immense lagoon of spectacular beauty. Sunlight on the water causes it to sparkle and flash like a million aquamarines. Koomel, the gently curving bay where the tourist facilities are located, directly overlooks Pitti and Tialkam, two of the islands. This lagoon is particularly rich in coral life. Kalpeni island is blessed with a wide variety of flora and fauna along with many rare biological species of plants, animals and aquatic life. The golden sandy beaches, crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea and the coral reefs of the Kalpeni island enthralls and enchants the tourists with its bewitching natural beauty.