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Coral fish The flora in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep includes Banana, Colocasia, Drumstick, bread-fruit, jack fruit and wild almond.  Coconut is the only crop of economic importance in Lakshadweep. These are found in different varieties such as Laccadive micro, Laccadive ordinary, green dwarf etc. Some of the shrub jungles and plants like Scaevola koenigii, calophyllum inophyllum, Casuarina equisetifolia and Thespesia populnea are unevenly grown throughout the islands. Two different varieties of sea grass are seen adjacent to the beaches. They are known as Thalassia hemprichii and Cymodocea isoetifolium. They prevent sea erosion and help accumulation of the beach sediments.

The marine life is quite elaborate. The commonly seen vertebrates are cattle and poultry birds. Oceanic birds generally found  in Lakshadweep are tharathasi (Sterna fuscata) and Karifetu (Anous stolidus). They are generally found in one of the uninhabited island known as Pitti. This island has been declared as a bird sanctuary.

Mollusean forms are also important from the economic point of the islands. The money cowries (cyprea monita) are also found in abundance in the shallow lagoons and reefs of the islands. Other cypraeds found here are cyprea talpa and Cypraea maculifera. Among crabs, hermit crab is the most common.  Colourful coral fish such as parrot fish (Callyedon Sordidus), butterfly fish (Chacetodon Suriga) and Surgeon fish (Acanthurus Lineotus) are found in abundance

The following animals, bird and tree are symbols of Lakshadweep.

Tree        : Bread fruit

Animal    : Butterfly fish

Bird        : Sooty tern.