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Androth is situated at 10o49' North Latitude and 73o41' east longitude. Androth lies 198kms from Kozhikode. It has no lagoon and occupies the whole of the atoll. Androth is the largest among the group of islands in Lakshadweep as well as the nearest, to the mainland.

The island is thick with plantation of coconut trees which yield the finest copra available in the territory. This is the only island where the plantation has not intruded into the low lying areas in the middle of the island, where rice was grown in olden days. There is no facility for shallow fishing, as there is no lagoon. During the neap tides, the small species of octopus are caught which is considered a great delicacy.

According to popular belief, this island was the first in the territory to embrace Islam and still retains the religious leadership. Saint Ubaidullah who is believed to have converted the islands into Islam died here and his tomb still remains in the Jumah mosque. As a mark of respect to the saint, the island vessels passing the island repeat the Fathiha. The religious leaders from Androth are regarded with respect on the west coast and even in Sri Lanka and Malaya. Many of them go on Zafar to distant places, conduct prayers and give talisman to cure both physical and mental diseases. The religious outlook of the people have shaped their social outlook. Women are socially placed in greater seclusion.