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Agatti is situated at 10o51' north latitude and 72o11' east latitude. Agatti is the most westerly island in the territory. It lies on the eastern arc of the coral shoal and is little over 5.6kms in length and about one thousand metres wide at the broadest point. Agatti possesses  a singularly beautiful lagoon on the western side. In th translucent turquoise green water can be seen multi coloured fishes and coral growth. The many gaps in the reef cause the ripples on the beach to be very strong for coir-soaking. Husks are put in fresh water pots which provide a splendid abode for anopheles larva. Mosquitoes are rare. This is because of abundant small  species of fresh water carp which live upon the larva.
The island is ideal for fishing. Coral growths and mulitcoloured coral fishes abound in this lagoon. Because of the depth and ripples, it is impossible for the inhabitants to ret coir in the lagoon as done in other islands. It also does considerable damage to the western beach by way of erosion. Habitation is in the northern portion which is broad and well protected. The southern portion is narrow about three kilometres long with an average breadth of 100 metres. The Island has been fully planted with coconuts. South of the main island separated by a shallow strait of some 200 metres is the uninhabited islet Kalpitti exposed to the open sea on the western side.

The climate of the island is hottest in the entire archipelago. Fishing offers good prospects. Cod liver oil is also processed as a small scale industry. After fishing, the manufacture of coir and copra are the major subsidiary industries. As the people are forced to ret coir in inland fresh water ponds, the product is discoloured, and is of inferior quality.

This island was colonised much later by those belonging to other islands. Class division exists here as a result of economic pressure. Agatti is one of the islands where the wahabi cult of Islam has taken deep root.