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Suheli Valiyakara is situated at 10o08' north latitude and 72o18' east longitude. Suheli Cheriyakara is situated at 10o022' north latitude and 72o15' east longitude.

Suheli is frequently visited by islanders from kavaratti on account of the excellent fishing in the lagoon and occasionally by people from Agatti and Amini for the same purpose. It lies 47 km south-west of Kavaratti. Suheli Par, consists of a banyan reef, enclosing a lagoon in which lie two uninhabited islands known as Cheriyakara and Valiyakara. Suheli was originally held by Kavaratti islanders but was subsequently confiscated by the Rajas of cannanore as a communal punishment for an alleged conspiracy against his representative there. 

Pitti or Pakshipitti

Pitti which is known as island of birds is situated at 10o47' latitude and 72o32' east longitude.

It lies 24kms north-west of Kavaratti. It is a small reef with tiny sand bank at its southern end. This small uninhabited island with an area of 1.21 hectares is the breeding ground of thousands of birds belonging to the tern group. These birds lay eggs which are of the size of normal chicken eggs with brown or black blotches. The breeding season lasts between January and March.

Direct landing in the island is very difficult as there are heavy breakers and the approach is rocky. Islanders from Amini and Kavaratti used to visit the island regularly for fishing and to collect the eggs. The island is a bird sanctuary since 1962 and the people are not allowed to collect the eggs. Oceanic birds generally found here are Tharathasi and Karifetu.