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Thiruvadhirai or Arudhra Darshan festival on the full moon day of Margazhi is sacred to Lord Nataraja, the dancing Shiva. Streams of devotees flow to Chidambaram  to attend  this festival at the temples for the Tamil Shaivaits. Lord Shiva is believed  to have given darshan to saint Manickavacakar on this day on the completion  of his recital of Thiruvampavai. In Perur  of Melai  Chidambaram, Lord Shiva  is believed to have given darshan to Kamadhenu  (the divine cow of plenty) on this day. In the small hours of morning  oil, milk, honey, coconut-water, and curd are poured over image of Shiva and the ceremony continues till day-break when the lord give darshan to the cow.