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Maham comes in the month of Maasi and the images of gods and goddesses are taken out to the sea for a dip. In areas away from the coast, the rivers or the tanks are the centres for this float festival.

The Maham  is an annual event. But once in twelve years, its importance exceeds bounds of imagination. When  the planet Guru or Jupiter enters Simha sign, the Kumba  Mela  festival of south India is held at the famous Mahamaham  tank at Kumbakonam. Vast crowds gather in Kumbakonam and ordinary folk have a dip in the tank, along with the saints  and philosophers. All the rivers of India  are said to meet at Mahamaham Tank on this day and so, a purificatory bath in this tank on this particular day is considered equal to the combined  effect of dips in all the holy rivers of India.