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Koda Festival

Koda festival or festival for making offerings to the divine Mother  is celebrated at the coastal  village of Mandukkad  in Kanyakumari district for Bhagavati Amman. Devotees afflicated with various  maladies come here to pray as a last resort. They find miraculous improvement  here even though the best of medical attention has failed them before. The Koda  festival  comes off in the Malayalam  month of Kumbam (Feb-March) ending with the last Tuesday of the month. Offerings include, rice, pepper, jaggery, turmeric,  dolls, silver and wood pieces being replicas of parts of the body. On the last day, the priest offers Odukka puja at mid night  in an atmosphere  of pin-drop silence  surcharged with devotion  and fear. A liquid  made of lime, turmeric and other ingredients is offered to the goddess.