Sunday, March 3, 2024

Festivals & Fairs



Tamil Nadu is a land of temples. Temples and festivals go together. Festivals  are not only religious  occasions but also cultural and commercial  land marks. They are part of the life of the people. They help family
re-unions. People meet at festivals  which are designed to ensure individual happiness commingled with social joy and domestic éclat. At Ekadasi and Skanda Shasthi festivals, devotees go on fast. All the other Hindu festivals are occasions of great feasting.

The seasons of the Tamils are called Kar, Kuthir, Munpani, Pinpani, Ilavenil  and Mudhuvenil. Each of two month duration  they denote the cloudy, rainy and chill weather  respectively.

The year is also divided into two periods  of six months  each (1) Uttarayanam, the period of longer days and shorter  nights (mid Jan to mid July)  and (2) Dakshinayanam, the period of shorter days, longer nights and inclement  weather (mid July to mid January). The first is the chosen period for festivities. The second  is generally avoided for them. In the beginning of the Dakshinayanam, spiritual heads and monks  observe Chaturmasya halting at a particular place, preaching  and practicing  a life of intense devotion and meditation.