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Panguni uttiram

The marriage of the god  and goddess  is the annual event  in all temples in Tamil Nadu  in the month of Panguni. 

This month is also noted for the Uttiram  festival for Lord  Subrahmanya  or Muruga  for ten days. For villagers, this is a very important  festival and as  it  comes off in the off-season, they participate in it fully and give offerings of paddy to the temples.

On the morning  of the final day the Vel or  the lance, which is the chief weapon of Lord Subrahmanya, is taken  out in a procession to the river  bank, where devotees make offerings. Along with the deity, a pair of wooden  sandals, Kavadi - a palanquin-like structure  with bells and other  decoration  on it  and a baton known as the Idumban Thadi are also anointed 

The day following the Panguni Uttiram is set apart for the Idumban festival. On this day, Pujas and offerings are made to Idumban  vassal of Lord Subrahmanya. During the course of  puja, the deity's  spirit  is believed  to enter many a devotee who will there upon act as though he is in a state of delirium. He will beat himself with the Idumban Thadi and also give out forecasts which can be deciphered only with difficulty. These are said to forecast coming events and the people believe that Idumban himself is doing so through the medium.