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Nadapavai Festival

Nadavavi festival is a corruption of Nadapavai, vavi  means a well.

Businessmen from the city of Madras  attend  this festival  in Kancheepuram  to discharge their vows and provide food and drink to the poor  throughout the duration.

This is a local festival of great importance  held on the full-moon  day in April-May, owing its origin  to one Kodi Kannikadanam Thatchachariar and to the money he collected for Varadharaja Perumal  temple. He excavated  a tank and built a temple in honour of lord Anjaneya (Hanuman) who saved him from dacoits. Alive to the fact that the money  was originally  collected  on behalf  of Lord Varadharaja Perumal. It was agreed up on by the devotees of the Lord that  he should  be taken on his 'birthday' to Ayyangarkulam. Lord Varadharaja  is supposed  to have  emerged from the sacrificial fire  on a Hastam. His image is taken to the Mandapam inside  the Nadapavai  well  during the festival. It is a well of architectural  splendour, containing  beautiful carvings  on the pillars and sides.  This well is situated  very near  the Sanjeevarayar temple and can be  reached by a graveled path way leading from the temple entrance. The main pillared door way is a deep hollow with a number of steps  leading to the well. At the time of festival  the well is full and the water  overflows and laps the last step. The image  of the Lord is brought through the doorway to the steps, immersed in the well and then taken out.