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Cricket World Cup

The World Cup matches officially began in the year 1975 in England, with eight teams; the 6 Test playing nations England, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan along with Srilanka and East Africa. A huge success the first time round, the tournament has been taking place every four years since then, participated by major teams all over the world.

However much earlier, an attempt at a World triangular tournament was made way back in 1912 between Australia, England and South Africa where all the matches played were Test matches. The hosts England won.

The prize

ICC world cup
ICC World Cup

The permanent prize for the game adopted from 1999 by the International Cricket Council is the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy designed and manufactured in London by Garrard, the Crown Jewellers. The 60-cm high trophy cup crafted in silver and gilt, features a golden globe held aloft by three silver columns. The globe is presented in the form of a stylised cricket ball while the columns, styled as stumps and bails, represent the three essential pillars of the game - batting, bowling and fielding. Valued at over £40,000 and weighing in excess of 11 kilos, the trophy has been designed in platonic dimensions for instant recognition from any angle it is viewed. The six previous Champions have been acknowledged on inscription plates on its base. Apart from the trophy the winning team also receives fabulous cash prizes.

Clive Lloyd lifts first world cup
Clive Lloyd lifts World Cup

The first ICC World Cup, officially called the Prudential Cup, was in 1975, hosted by England. The tournament was played by nations - England, West Indies, Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and East Africa. West Indies won the first Cricket World Cup by defeating Australia by 17 runs.

A glimpse of the past World Cups   
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