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Cricket field
A cricket match in progress

In an innings, of the two teams that go to play, one will be the batting team and the other, the fielding team according to the choice of the captain of the side winning the toss.

The fielding or the defending team consists of the following players


A bowler is a member of the fielding side who delivers the ball.


Fieldsmen are members of the defending team other than the bowler or pitcher. Not more than two fieldsman shall be behind the popping crease at the instant of the bowlers delivery. In the event of infringement by the fielding side, the umpire at the striker's end shall call and signal 'no ball'. A field man is entitled to stop the ball with any part of his person, but if he intentionally stops it, 5 runs will be added to the score.  No fieldsman shall leave the field without the consent of the umpire.

Wicket Keeper

The wicket keeper shall remain wholly behind the wicket until a ball delivered by the bowler touches the bat or person of the striker or passes the wicket, or until the striker attempts a run. When the wicket keeper, contravening this law, the umpire at the striker's end shall call and signal no ball at the instant of delivery or as soon as possible.


If a player is injured during the match, a substitute shall be allowed in the field with the consent of the opposing captain. The substitute shall not be allowed to bat or bowl.

The batting team consists of :

Batsmen or Strikers

The batsman is a member of the batting team who try to hit the ball delivered by the bowler and run between wickets to get as much runs as possible. Two players of the batting team go out to bat at a time. The remaining of the batting team wait off the field for their turn to bat. 


A runner is allowed for an injured batsman. The player acting as runner shall be a member of the batting side and he can participate even if he has already batted in that innings.