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July 1, 2008

Dry Green Chilli Techa(Dry Chutney)

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 Recipe by : ,Mumbai , India
Last Updated: 1-7-2008
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Green Chilli - 8
Groundnut - 1 cup
Galik petals - 4
Coriander Leaf - 4
Salt - to taste
Oil jira raih - 1 teaspoon
Tomato - 1 (small)
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Method Of Preparation:

Take the 8 Green Chile available to make pakoda.

Heat the pan and add few drop of Oil and put the green Chile till they Become Soft are nicely half fried, take 1 Cup of Ground nut heat them so they turn slightly Black and smell start coming out of it.

Take 4 Galik petals and take 4 Coriander Leaf and put all the material in the mixy and add some salt and just blend them for few second (there should not be completely past done)...

Take a pan add 1 tea spoon oil jira raih and add this mixture and fry it for 1 min the Green Chile techa (chutney) is ready, u can even add 1 small tomato to make mix chutney in Mixy

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