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February 26, 2009

Apple Burfi

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Last Updated: 26-2-2009
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Ingredients :    

Chopped Apple

- 2 cups

Grinded coconut

- 3 cups


- 4 cups

Green colour

- 2 drops


- 1 dsp

Ginger juice

- 2 dsp
Lime juice - 1 dsp
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Method : 

Mix coconut and sugar together. Add chopped apples in it. Keep it on fire and stir continuously. Dissolve 2 drops of green colour in 1dsp of milk and pour it into the apple-coconut mixture. It will give a light green colour to the burfi.

Add ginger juice and lime juice. Remove from fire when it becomes a thick mixture.

Apply ghee on a plate and spread the mixture on it evenly. Leave it to set for some time. When set firmly, cut the burfi into pieces of desired shape.

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   Sridevi, trivandrumReplyPosted On:14/5/2010
good, simple and a healthy sweet for kids.
   naveen, delhiReplyPosted On:15/1/2010
sweet is popler diss in the india
   Gamsa, aurora blaydonlane L4G-7R1ReplyPosted On:8/12/2009
Say what does burfi mean also looks like a good recipes for everyone to try also i would make it into a star for the any desired shape part.