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March 13, 2020

Vodka Lavender Thandai Topped With Carbonated Cream

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Last Updated: 13-3-2020
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Ex. Chef Ranjan Rajani, Hotel Sahara, Mumbai, whips up a cocktail to cool you down in the summer scorching heat.

Gluten free vodka and Sprig Lavender Essence are the special add on's.

Sl. No Ingredients Measurement
1 Tito’s Gluten Free Vodka 180 ml
2 Lavender Essence 100 ml
3 Milk 2 Ltrs
4 Sugar 300 gms
5 Cashew 100 gms
6 Pistachio 100 gms
7 Roasted Almond 100 gms
8 Dried Cranberry 50 gms
9 Cream 150 ml


Method of Preparation : 

In 1 bowl add cahew, almonds, pistachio, cranberries and hot water. Leave aside for 30 minutes. Once the nuts are soaked with water and soft, blend till you get a smooth paste. Keep for chilling.

Reduce 2 litre milk to 1.5 Ltrs and add sugar. Blast Chill.

In a blender add Tito’s Gluten Free Vodka, lavender syrup, reduced milk and nuts paste. Blend together for 1 minute. Pour in a kullad.  

Top up with piping whipped cream.

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