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June 6, 2014

Mulayari - Chakka Payasam

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Region : Kerala
 Recipe by : ,Kozhikode , India
Last Updated: 6-6-2014
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Ingredients :

Mulayari (bamboo seed)    
Chakka (Jack fruit)    
Arrowroot flour    
sesame seeds    
chana dal    
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Cooking Method :

First thing we do is to make chakka varatti (Jack fruit preserve) during Jack fruit season. Then whenever we are making payasam... we just have to heat it and make it bit loose. We make Jack fruit preserve first by steaming Jack fruit so that it loses its water content.

What we do is we steam chakka... after that we fry it in small flame with ghee to bring out the water in it. Then add melted jaggery to it. Stir it until this becomes thick.

To this preserve, we add bamboo seed flour mixed with milk and water. We have to stir it well.

Mulayari (bamboo seed) are not so easily available. Bamboo seeds are formed once in 36 years. And it is very medicinal. It is very good for cholestrol, diaberes etc. We collect this seed from tribal people.

We have soak bamboo seeds for one night and boil it thoroughly. This may take one hour to get boiled well. Now add this Mulayari porridge to our hot mixture. We have to stir it well. Mulayari has less starch thats why we added Mulayari flour mixed with milk.

Even people with diabetics can have this. Bamboo seed porridge without sugar or salt really help to control sugar.

Now we will mix already melted jaggery to it. Stril it well after adding . We make this on a low flame. If we make it in high flame.. it may have different taste and it may also take time.

When we add rice flour.. we also ass some arrowroot flour with it. For example, if we are adding 1kg og rice flour we have to addd 1/3rd of arrowroot flour with it. It is because bamboo seeds provide heat to our body.. to balance it we add arrowroot flour which gives coolness. Add milk to it. Now stir well in low flame. We have added cow's milk.

Normally wheh we make chakka payasam we add coconut milk to it. But in this we add cow's milk.

Now to this we add sesame seeds and chana dal roasted in ghee. Stir it well.

Our chakka payasam is almost ready. We just have to stir it for some more time.It is good to add butter but now we are adding ghee to it. Our Mulayari and Chakka Payasam is ready.

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