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December 16, 2013

Egg Dosa

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Last Updated: 16-12-2013
Preparation Time
10 minute
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Dosa is a traditional south Indian breakfast dish that is rich in Carbohydrates and proteins. Egg Dosa unlike other varieties of dosa is thick in appearance with soft egg crust covered with sprinkled vegetables, and goes well with Vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian side Dishes.

Ingredients :

Dosa Batter mixed with salt - 3-4 cups
Egg - 1 no
Onions chopped finely - 1 no
Green Chilly - 1-2 nos
Pepper - a pinch
Oil or ghee - 3-4 tbsp
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Cooking Method :

To begin with, pour two tbsp of Oil into a shallow pan or Dosa tava on medium flame. Once the oil turns piping hot, slowly spread the Dosa batter mixed with salt in circular motion and let it cook. Pour the beaten egg on top of the Dosa and wait until the egg is almost done. Now it's time to garnish the recipe. Sprinkle chopped onions and green chillies over the Set –egg dosa including a pinch of pepper as it's topping. Turn over the dosa and let both sides cook on equal basis. Finally your Egg-Set Dosa is ready to serve.

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