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June 29, 2013

Bombay Sandwich and Sharjah shake

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Last Updated: 29-6-2013
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It is common knowledge that Breakfast's are made easy with Bread's. Today we are going to make a simple yet spicy Bombay sandwich.
Bread Slices   10-11
Tomato   3-4 no
Cucumber   2 no
Tomato Ketchup   as needed
Ingredients for the green chutney :
Coriander leaves   1 bunch
Mint leaves   1-2 sprigs
Green chillies   2 no
Lemon juice   of 1 lemon
Salt   to taste
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Method :

We can start by spreading ketchup over the bread slices. Here we have made 5-6 ketchup covered breads slices. Now it is time to introduce our green chutney.. Grind all the ingredients for the chutney in a mixer together. Now spread green chutney as we have done with ketchup in another set of bread slices, 6-7 for now.

We have used Tomato and cucumber slices as filling, in between the slices. Lay the tomato slices on the ketchup covered bread slice; here we have used four slices of tomato. Place a chutney-spread slice on top with the green chutney facing outside. Arrange cucumber slices over it and finally finish the sandwich with a green or ketchup spread bread. And our Bombay sandwich is ready.


Sharjah shake

Milk shakes are always considered healthy.. . It is popular among both Junk food lovers as well as health freaks...We are introducing you to the ever-popular Sharjah shake.
Sliced Banana - 2-3
Sugar - 1-2 tbsp
Milk - 1 Glass
Boost powder -  
Cashew nuts -  

Method :

To begin with add banana slices into the grinder, to this add sugar and a glass of milk, blend the ingredients till it becomes frothy. Serve the shake in a glass. Top up the shake with cashew nuts and boost or bournvita dust. You can also use dates and raisins as toppings. There .. Your Sharjah shake is ready to serve.

You can serve Bombay sandwich with Sharjah shake for guests as well as for evening parties.

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