Sunday, September 19, 2021


Animal Husbandary

The Mizos have traditionally three species of animals and birds which they use for their religious ceremonies, rituals and also for their consumption of meat.

These were semi domestic mithuns, pigs and fowls. Every house hold had fowls and pigs, but only the better off people could afford to have mithuns. 

  The propagation of yorkshire (white) breed of pigs was so extensive that all the villages have a large number of this exotic species.  Similarly, in the poultry development of the exotic species - Rhodes Island Red (RIR) and white Leghorn, received popular acceptance. 

As against the development of cattle, piggery and poultry there has been a sharp decline in the numbers of mithuns.


Mizoram has about 2,000 hectare of water area under fish culture. The state does not have much fallow water bodies which could be reclaimed for 'pisciculture'.  The existing lakes have potential for pisciculture. An age old method of fishing followed in Mizoram is to put a barrier in the flow of a river or stream by putting stones, felled trees, bamboos etc. and catch fish through cages put in the openings. Now many private fisheries are coming up in the potential areas of flowing water which can be impounded. There is good prospect of fisheries development in the Demagiri area. Because of the Kaptai Dam in Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, a huge water body with abundant fish has come up in this area.