Sunday, September 19, 2021


Water Supply

Water supply has always been a special problem in Mizoram. The villages in Mizoram are generally situated on hill tops. In Mizoram, the hill tops have a healthy and bracing climate and hence were chosen as habitation sites. Water for drinking and other domestic purposes had to be collected daily from steams and other water sources.

 The only centralised collection  and distribution of water was done in Aizawal town where on the hill top, called civil surgeon's tilla, so named because of the location the civil surgeon's bungalow there, a huge reservoir was made for collection of rain water.  From this collection water would be distributed primarily to the Government employees.

Water supply to towns and villages was given priority in the development plans.  Water would be impounded at the stream or other available perennial sources and would be collected in a cemented reservoir.  Supply to some central point in the village would be made through polythene pipelines.  In 1960s for Aizawl a scheme for getting water from the Tlang by pumping at several stages was drawn up.  The first phase of the scheme for meeting the needs of 80,000 people has been completed.

During the seventh plan 552 villages were given water supply.  During the Eighth plan in addition to supply to the uncovered villages, the existing capacities were augmented.