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CD Painting

CD Painting
Contributed by- Srivaishnavi , Udupi , India
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CD Painting
Materials Required :
Fabric colours
Satin ribbon
Decorative pins
Decorative buttons

Method :

nother side

Waste cd's can be painted with fabric colours with your own patterns and designs. Three such cds can be pasted one by one on a satin ribbon. Some decorative pins or decorative buttons can be pasted on the bottom portion of the ribbon. It can be either hanged on the wall or two decorated cds pasted together can be hanged in the car....


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Ranu Agarwal, Delhi
July 28, 2010
Idia is good...even i know abt it but it will be better if u put 1-2 snaps related to it..
krishna veni, hyd
June 9, 2010
it s nice.......