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Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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Collage, is a French word meaning 'Pasting' where visual impression is created using materials such as bits of newspaper, labels, buttons, wire etc. The first collages were the creations of French painter Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the early 20th century.


Here, we get introduced to this beautiful art form by doing a very simple collage.


  1. Felt Paper-1/2 meter

  2. Chart Paper-1/2 meter


  1. Design- Choose your own design from a design book

  2. Tracing Paper

  3. Pencil Carbon

  4. A sharp cutter or blade.

  5. The complete work from tracing the picture to pasting should be done on the reverse side of felt paper.

To Shape up the Creation:

Cutting out marked portions

Select your design. Trace it down on the reverse side of felt paper.   Study your design well, visualise and decide on the parts or portions from the design to be cut and removed. Mark those parts on the design.

A simple example is shown on the right side.  Now start cutting the marked parts using sharp cutter, gently without spoiling the edges of the design. After finishing the cutting, put glue evenly on the felt paper and gently press it on the chart paper, without any air  bubble. Different colour chart papers and felt papers are available and can be used.

Please note that once its stuck on the chart paper, the picture will be complete. Laminate and preserve your design as the felt paper might get spoilt fast.


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Bulbul, Delhi, India
July 20, 2010
HI, I am bulbul from delhi. i study in 8th class in GREENFIELDS public school.I want 2 tell u that this site is a very nice site for drawing teachers, students and for small artists. i am very much impressed by the kind of paintings i learned. thankyou 2 the (mastermind, brilliant and the very helpful & intellegent) maker of this website.