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Pearl Cross

Pearl Cross
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Pearl cross craft is a simple way of converting a disposable lunch box cover into beautiful ornamental decor. Very few materials, and only about 30-35 minutes of your time is required to make this craft piece.

Pearl cross

Materials required : -
» Disposable lunch box cover 1
» Black marker 1
» Scale 1
» Scissors 1
» Pink Color stone 1
» Pearls hand full
» Blue pearls 4 no
» Glue 1 tube

disposable lunch box cover

Here we are using the disposable lunch box cover as the base of the cross.

Draw an outline

Draw an outline of the cross on top of the cover with Pencil, black marker and scale.

Cut out the cross shape

Cut out the cross shape through the out line with the help of scissor.

large Pink color stone

Now stick a large Pink color stone on the cross as shown.

pearls to cover the entire surface

Coat the rest of the area with generous amount of glue and stick a handful of pearls to cover the entire surface.

blue colored pearls

Then glue large blue colored pearls at each end of the cross.

with out leaving any gap

Continue sticking white pearls to cover the entire surface with out leaving any gap.

There your beautiful pearl cross is ready for display…


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