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Ice Cream Stick Beauty

Ice Cream Stick Beauty
Contributed by- Pallavi Dumblekar , Bangalore , India
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Popsicle sticks OR Ice cream sticks that we throw away can be used for many craft projects.

Pallavi Dumblekar from Bangalore shows us how to make a decorative wall hanging with popsicle sticks.


Materials Needed :
» Ice cream sticks
» Fevicol
» Crayons
» Sequins
» Felt Flowers
» Mirror Pieces


Method :

Stick the ice cream sticks in a zig zag manner with fevicol to make the basic structure or frame. The shape of the frame or the size, is upto us.

Once the frame has dried, using crayons colour the exposed part of the sticks.

Water colours are easier to apply, but the sticks may become soft due to water by the time they dry. Also they spread while applying.

Once the frame is ready, stick sequins, beads, felt flowers, mirror pieces, any other accessories onto it at intersections or on the rows using fevicol.

The craft seems simple, but with the right combination of colour and embellishments, the item stands out on the wall. And, it is so very cheap also.

Ice Cream Stick Beauty


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Aradhana devi, Kolkata
November 2, 2017
Please you make for me
Ayush Sharma, Delhi
September 29, 2017
who said its cheap,it's pretty awesome
Varsha Otty, Bhopal
February 23, 2016
It is very nice and wonderfull...
deepti, kolkata
January 20, 2016
Its very beautiful I think its better choice for me
Varshini.s.v., Trichy
December 8, 2014
Wow! Excellent wonderful ya i really love it!.......
Lavanya, Bangalore
August 9, 2014
I enjoyed making this.. thanks...
Ragul, Chennai
August 26, 2011
Its very nice