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Vastu Mural Hanging

Vastu Mural Hanging
Contributed by- D.Sukanya , Coimbatore , India
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Materials :
Vastu designed new wood (see my picture)
Black m-seal
Ceramic power, (mix with water & make a fine paste)
Fabric pearl colours


  1. Take a designed wood(as shaped like a vastu board)

  2. Fill it with ceramic paste and carve with waste brush.

  3. For the other design use m-seal and emboss the other designs as shown in picture

  4. Let it dry for 1hr.

  5. Finally colour it with pearl colours.

Now vastu mural is ready to hang.


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Pinky, vizag
May 4, 2017
Hi even i have tried like this. It looks nice but you could have given attractive colours..
Bhuvaneswari, Bhopal
February 13, 2012
Hi I saw your marvellous painting It is very nice..
rathi.r, kanjikode,kerala
October 14, 2010
hi mam, vasthu mural design is really beauty.i like to try in our home.but this picture is not clear.please kindly send this picture & making process also by e advance wishes for navrathi & divali to all of your home. bye,rathi
anandhi, bangalore
May 20, 2010
Hi vasthu mural is good ut the picture is not c clear.Can you send a more clearer pic.
Aashini, Chennai
May 11, 2010
Hi,urs vastu wall hanging is amazing,i am so much impressed by this,will u please kindly send d design for me ,i am so much crazy about all murals,superb.
Beena Pasad, Mulund, Mumbai
May 6, 2010
This is really very nice madam,i also have the vastu mural but this one is more interesting then wht i made... i will definately try this for my new room.. Can u mail me the design of the same to me if u don't mine? Hope for positive reply from u.. Thanking u in advance. Regards Beena