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Carrot Candy Cone

Carrot Candy Cone
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Materials Required :
Orange,Green Paper
Orange Color Paper
Light Green & Dark Green Paper


Roll the paper into a cone

Moving on to the making part, cut out a square piece of orange color paper. Roll the paper into a cone, starting with a corner and shaping it into a rounded form.

Cut the top of the cone

Cut the top of the cone to make it even.

Glue the cone

Glue the cone together along the edge. Now your carrot is ready.

green crepe paper

To make the leaves of the carrot, scrunch up some green crepe paper and push this inside the open end of the cone. Use both dark and light green papers to give a natural look to the leaves.


Fill the cones with candies and arrange them for the party. You can vary the design of the cone, depending on the occasion using different coloured paper.


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Kannika, Bangalore
March 15, 2012
Easy and simple to make, my kid is very happy to see this craft..